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Canadian Passport Photo Requirements listed below:canadian passport photo

  • Glasses must not in any way obscure the eyes; Recommended that customers remove glasses
  • Neutral expression with no teeth showing is specified
  • Image must be in the middle in your Canadian Passport Photo
  • Normal skin color
  • Length from chin to crown of head must be 31 mm to 36 mm.
  • No shadows on the background and the face
  • A plain, uniform, white or light-colored background
  • Head coverings in passport photos only for religious reasons
  • Black and white or color passport photographs are acceptable
  • 2 identical passport photos required
  • The maximum size is 50 x70mm
  • Canadian Passport Photos must be printed on high quality photographic paper
  • Photographer’s address is required on the back of one of Canadian Passport photos
  • Leave room on the back of the passport photo for the guarantors statement and signature

Please bring an example or a set of specifications for your requirements.
Canada Passport Help

A considerable number of photos are rejected due to common, avoidable errors. Please take the time to thoroughly read the photo specifications on this page. The passport application will be rejected if the photos do not meet these specifications. To avoid further delays, we suggest that you print a copy of our checklist to take with you to your photographer.


2 identical photos produced from the same film, or from the same electronic file capturing the digital image, are required for each passport.

Specifications for photos

Size and paper

  • The length of the face on the photo from chin to crown of head (natural top of head) must be between 31 mm (1 1/4 in.) and 36 mm (1 7/16 in.).
  • The photos must measure 50 mm X 70 mm in size (2 inches wide X 2 3/4 inches long).
  • The photos must be a close-up of the head and shoulders so that the face covers approximately 25% of the photo.
  • The photos must be printed on plain, high quality photographic paper. Heavy weight paper is unacceptable.
  • Either black and white or color photos are acceptable.
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